persephone speaks, by a.c.

"he calls me his lady
but he knows
i am a queen.”

Surely she was too young to have so many ghosts - City of Heavenly Fire


― But some part of him realized, even as he fought to break free from Lupin, that Sirius had never kept him waiting before… . Sirius had risked everything, always, to see Harry, to help him… . If Sirius was not reappearing out of that archway when Harry was yelling for him as though his life depended on it, the only possible explanation was that he could not come back… . That he really was …

❝ Sometimes, the smallest gestures take up the most room. ❞
— Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead (via beckisbookshelf)

Listen to me. No one else can do this but h e r.

Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980


My book haul (part 2) I only went into the bookstore to get the Divergent box set for a friend and these fell into my pile…